Emotion Ringtones

Emotion Ringtones

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Emotion Vending Machine looks like a beverage vending machine, where users can select a range of emotions, shaped as dynamic cards, updated in real-time with web data. Users select three from a list of nine emotions, such as “fear”, “joy” or “ecstasy”, and validate their choices. The machine, built around a search-engine application, browses the world network and displays the result in the shape of words representing the previously selected emotions, accompanied by sounds composed by Jean-Baptiste Barrière. Users can then connect their USB flash drive and collect their musical emotional cocktails, each of which is prepared in real-time and therefore unique. This new version of the Vending MAchine provides Ringtones that can be used on cellphones.

With the support of de l’EESI (École Européenne Supérieure de l’Image), CITU, Le CUBE , ARCADI

Emotion Vending Machine – Maurice Benayoun, Jean-Baptiste Barrière (musical design) (France) Development: Evolutie (Brigit Lichtenegger), V2 Lab, Artem Baguinski, Paul Girard, Adrien Mazaud

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