The Brain Stream Factory

Project variant developed for Hong Kong Act by Osage Art Foundation (June 2015)

Conception: Maurice Benayoun – MoBen
Set design: Tobias Klein
Visuals: Tobias Klein – MoBen

1.1 HCI (Human Computer Interfaces) have helped us communicate with computers.

1.2 Converting a computer model into an object is called “reification.”

1.3 3D printers “reify” abstractions.

1.4 Real-time processing allows reactivity of the machine in data processing and printing

1.5 BCI (Brain to Computer Interaction) has removed the physical interface between the brain and the computer

1.6 Brain streams can talk directly to the computer.

1.7 Real-time graphic processing allows the brain to model and fine-tune any 3d visualization directly.

1.8 The feedback loop H/I human image trains the user to lead the design by thinking.

1.9 Freed from the necessity of reformulation through words and keyboards, the most abstract concepts can be designed.

2.1 We all share the desire to control matter with the brain.

2.2 We realize the human dreams, from thinking to seeing and touching, the actualized effect of human intelligence.

2.3 The Brain Stream Factory is the place where all abstractions become forms.

2.4 We all contribute to creating the very first database of shaped abstractions (emotion, freedom, passion, love, anger, antagonism, power, ambition, democracy…)

2.5 The only place in the world dedicated to concept realization.

2.2.2 The 3D Printing is the process of converting a graphic model into an object.

2.2.3 For Brain Printing (4B Printing) is the process of reification of the brain streams outcomes

2.2.4 Models produced by the brain workers will be printed out at large scale.

2.2.5 A 4B Printer will make a concrete object (made of concrete) out of the 3D model.

2.2.6 When the object arrives to completion, a rain of water sprinkles the machine and the object.

2.2.7 The sprinkled concrete returns to the sand, fueling the next object/ sculpture to produce.

2.2.8 Brain streams produce ephemeral objects, kept together for a while by the conjunction of the brainwaves.

The Brains Stream Factory is a factory with many ‘brain workers’ (20 – 60). Located in the top corridor of the Cruise Terminal, the factory is continuously in action. A grid of workers is producing the models. Sitting on high chairs (tennis umpire chair size), they wear light EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraphy headsets).

The space is reminiscent of ‘50s factories is covered with workers. In front of each is a large LCD screen (min 65”). 2 lines of 20 ‘workers’ are spread along the corridor length.

Every 10mn, the large clocks ring and the workers are replaced by a new team.

At the end of the chain, a giant 3D Printer is reifying the selected model

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