The Interpreters


AI-Generated videos + Video display

The Reader AI: Can we read the human brain?
Observing the VoV token, the ‘Reader’ recognized words. Considering the freshly neuro-designed VoV models, the Reader explore them to figure out what similarities could be found between VoV characters and Chinese calligraphy, between symbols and ideograms. The result is a series of keywords that as extensions of the original value, work like semantic harmonics (in comparison with musical harmonics that nuance the sound of the fundamental value…

The Interpreters try to make sense of it. Interpreters are not neutral, they have biases. An ‘AI visual interpreter’ with a strong art bias will suggest images out of the words provided by the Reader. An ‘AI textual interpreter’, with a strong marketing bias, provides the subtitles, trying to sell values as commercial products. They follow their path and meet on the screen without collusion.

Machines try to understand humans that strive to understand machines.

AI Software: Sam Chan + different off-the-shelf AI visual and textual tools.









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